Monday, November 16, 2009


I feel as if I've made no progress on anything here lately. Just spinning my wheels & running from this project to that one & nothing is getting completed. Frustrating isn't it when you feel that way?

I have completed a few things... My Cherry Sorbet merino handspun yarn for one. Love this yarn, it's soft & squishy. WPI suggest fingering weight but I would say it's more Sport weight. I did get 490 yards out of 4 oz. of fiber as a 2-ply. I'm really pleased about that!

It started as this yummy fiber.

I also completed a few ornaments for my Ornament Swap on Ravelry. And my partner has no idea who I am so they will have no idea that these are for them... I think it's fairly safe to post photos. LOL

I chose to do some Seashell Angel ornaments. I've made these before & I've always loved having them on my tree. Not to worry, I bought extra seashells so I could make myself some too. :)

And I have decided not to put any pressure on myself to do any holiday knitting. I waited way too long to get started on that & I'm not even gonna try now. Oh well...
Sooooo, I decided to cast on for another hat for me. This one I am knitting out of some of my handspun, I'm hoping to get a hat & maybe some mittens out of it. the ball of yarn doesn't look so big in this photo, but it is huge! Plenty of yardage. And it has enough purple in it to match my eggplant "winter" coat. I say "winter" cause for me a winter coat is really lightweight. Not what most of you consider a winter garment.

That's about it for now. I'm currently spinning some bamboo fiber, not real crazy about that. It's super slippery & gets away from me too easily. I might try some bamboo blend fiber but I don't think I'll be buying anymore 100% bamboo.... And I'm working on some custom marker orders.... and my day job.... and my house needs cleaning REALLY bad.... I have plenty to keep me busy.

I hope everyone has a good week!


Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You have a great week to Anita! Love your gorgeous cherry color yarn - nice spinning.

Your swap partner is going to love her cute ornaments!

I'm not doing any Christmas knitting either. Perhaps some bed socks for my Mom but she only mentioned the idea of bed socks on the day I was leaving when I had just given her a pair of regular socks. I'll keep my eyes open for the right yarn, though. For the time being she'll just have to make do with the ones she got - LOL

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Well, you obviously are getting something done spinning your wheels! Your yarn is very beautiful!

gaylen said...

Oh that yarn is TDF!! I love it - you might be tipping me toward your dark side . . . .

Can't wait to see the markers - I'm having a fight with my iron so bag making is on hold until I win. g

Channon said...

Okay, those ornaments are beautiful! You're so darned talented.

The red handspun is incredible. I'm really liking semi-solids... I wonder if I have any in my fiber stash?

LOVE the hat to be. If they are too warm for down there, you'll just have to pack up and head a little further north and show off your handspun accessories!

Nichole said...

Pretty hat... and LOVE that red handspun! The angel shells are adorable! :)
As for holiday knitting... I'm not getting much more than Matt's Mom's scarf done... hopefully a hat for the baby too.

Angela said...

Those ornaments are beautiful, really nice! I won't be doing any xmas knitting either, tried that before and I still have 3 WIPs from prior Christmases that never got done, LOL!!!

Bubblesknits said...

Where did you get that gorgeous fiber? I tried to read the tag, but it was too small. :-)

gypsyknits said...

I love that cherry sorbet. Gorgeous!
You deserve the knit. Wear it with pride that you did it all yourself:).
Love those seashell ornaments. We don't have seashells (pout)