Monday, February 22, 2010

Awwww... how sweet!

I just got some photos in my email that I wanted to share. Look how cute! This is the real Starr kitty with the little Starr Kitty Jr. that I knitted for my BFF (since we were kids), for Christmas this past year. Let's just say that Starr was really taken with Starr Jr. :)  We don't know if she smelled her own fur (Starr kitty Jr. was knit with some yarn that I spun from Starr fur & wool.) or if she smelled Jasmine, if she smelled the wool, or if she just liked it "because".

She licked her & snuggled her... it was sooooo dang cute!

And here is a photo of Beth, me & Starr. We make sure to take a new "Christmas" photo every year when we go in to see them & all of our families. I really cherish my Christmas visits with my buddy & her family. We miss them so much living so far apart now.
Thanks for sending the photos guys! Hugs!! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Remember those gorgeous batts that I got from Beth at Blue Mountain Handcrafts?

Here is my finished yarn. I love this yarn!!! I plied the single with a gold thread. I ended up with 420 yards of sport/fingering weight yarn. I'm thinking that I'll go with sport weight for pattern searching since it is a thick/thin yarn.
I am thinking shrug... something that I'll use often. I am also thinking of spinning up some brown, plying it with the gold thread & using that with this. Maybe some brown ribbing & this gorgeous multi-color as my main color. Maybe something like this Bolero with Lacy Sleeves (Ravelry Link). We will see...

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Great Mail Day!

Lookie at the goodies that I got in the mail today from Beth at Blue Mountain Handcrafts!

This pretty superwash roving in the Concert T-Shirt colorway...
The most beautiful, sparkly batts that I've ever seen! These are called The Pharoh's Main Squeeze, Beth has a way with naming her fibers. he he
I can't wait to get these on the wheel, I plan on spinning them into singles & plying with a gold thread. That's the plan anyway. :)

And I have a small finished project to show. This cute little soap bag was knit with some yummy cotton by Jabo, that I got from A Row of Purls Too. I must have more of this yarn!! The pattern is the Pluie Soapholder, free on the Berroco website.

Another goodie that I got in the mail to come, just have to get some good photos of it.  Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a nice Valentine's Day! My sweetie brought me some beautiful roses & a ginormous card this morning. (Yes, that's my card there behind the roses! ha ha) He's so funny & sooooo my best friend.
I also finished up some more handspun yarn this weekend. This is some pretty BFL Fiber that I got from Kathy's Etsy Shop.
Spun up to fingering weight, navajo plied, 290 yards. Very pretty, it's going into my stash, I feel more like spinning here lately than knitting. When the knitting mojo returns I'll have plenty of handspun yarn to choose from! LOL
Now, I need to get off this computer so I can watch the race! :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Update - It's gone...

Yep, it's all gone now except for what is left in some shady areas. But it sure was pretty this morning when we got up. We ended up with something like 3 or 4 inches. I know my jeans got wet around the bottom while I was out walking around.

The snow never did stick to the roads or the driveway much. Unfortunately we found out that what I had this week wasn't food poisioning, it's a stomach bug & now the hubby has it, so we didn't go out in the neighborhood to look at all the snow this morning. I just enjoyed the snow in my yard while it lasted.

The birds have been wearing my feeders out today, they have been quite entertaining.
We've had Black Capped Chickadees, Cardinals, Wrens, Sparrows, and even a Myrtle Warbler (this is the first time I've noticed Myrtle Warblers at my feeders!).
This is the best photo I could get of one of the Myrtle Warblers, isn't he cute?!
There is one other place the snow is hanging around for a while.... MY SNOWMAN! He's on the porch in the shade so hopefully he will last a little while. :)
Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Update...

One snow update before bedtime... we've got about 1/2 inch so far & it's still coming down pretty good! If I was feeling better (been icky the past couple of days here) I would probably stay up all night & watch it. LOL  But, I'll get up early so I can see what we got before it has a chance to melt....

I think my daffodils are gonna be confused....

We've got flurries!!

FINALLY!! We've just stared getting snow flurries! Woohoo!  I'll keep taking photos, we have the possibility of 2 to 6 inches. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spinning, spinning, spinning...

I have a couple new handspun yarns. Currently I'm spinning a bright & colorful BFL roving from Kathy's Etsy Shop. I needed something cheery, I'm loving it. But, let me show you the two finished yarns I have.

This green sat on one of my bobbins for over a week. I was so disappointed, I thought I had lost all of the purple, that it had blended right in with the green. To my surprise once I got it into a skien & gave it a bath, that purple showed up! I've got a nice green yarn with purple tweedy bits all through it. And it's super soft, a combo of targhee merino, faux angora & a little sparkle.

Fiber purchased from Beth at Blue Mountain Handcrafts.

Turned into these batts...
And then I ended up with 298 yards of 13 WPI, squishy soft yarn.

Next I have some yarn spun from my Blue Sky batts. These were a lot of fun to spin & I like the finished yarn. The faux angora gave it a nice fuzz. :)
This fiber...
Became these pretty batts...
Which became 263 yards of 15 WPI yarn.
Hope everyone is having a good week! I'm sore, we've been doing a lot of painting at work, getting the store all freshened up for the coming season. Lots of going up & down a ladder. LOL  I must be seriously out of shape!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fancy Kitty Swap

Our Fancy Kitty Drum Carder group on Ravelry had a swap, I got my package today! Beth sent the greatest package!!

Here is the whole contents of the box… My gorgeous Random Beauty Batts (Anita’s Methadone Batts, LOL), batt fixins, 2 great smelling soaps, gummies, beads, little sheepies (to start my own flock, snicker), a gorgeous vintage candy dish, & a crochet hook holder (at least that’s what I’m using it for).

My gorgeous batts (just so everyone knows, I've been drooling over Beth's Random Beauty batts for quite a while now! I was so tickled that she sent some with the swap!)...
Lots of great batt fixins...
My cute butterfly crochet hook holder...
It's perfect for my Fancy Kitty crochet hooks!
And take a look at the lovely vintage candy dish that she sent (I collect glass candy dishes)...
Beth makes gorgeous batts, roving, bags, yarn, etc... you can get your own great stuff from her Etsy Shop or her website Blue Mountain Handcrafts.

Thanks so much Beth!! This was a wonderful package & you just made my weekend!! Now to get that blue yarn finished up on my wheel so I can get to spinning these beautys!  :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lots of goodies!

Check out this great package that I got from Vicki! We were swap partners in Grace's Winter Warm Up Swap. She sent Jasmine some treats that the picky butt actually liked! Some gorgeous spinning fiber, great hand knitted fingerless gloves, various hot chocolates & marshmallows, scratch pads, a cute little candle holder with candles, a super cute cupcake card & some gummy bears. What a GREAT package! Thanks so much Vicki!!!
Here is a better photo of the fingerless mitts, aren't they gorgeous?! And they fit perfect, I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of them. It's still chilly down here even though we aren't getting snow like everyone north & west of me. And I have to go into storage rooms at work that aren't heated, these will come in very handy.
And I have some new goodies in my etsy shop.... Fruit Slices. This is a new technique that I'm trying out, using transparent clay. The photo just doesn't do these justice, they look so juicy that you just want to bite them. :)
And I have more Chocolate Hearts & Chocolate Kisses listed now... great for Valentine's Day!
I have been knitting, I finished up a small project that I can't show yet.... And I started this cowl, got 20 rows from finishing & messed up! I ended up frogging the whole dang thing. I've cast on again, this time I MUST pay attention to which row I'm on! I don't know how I did that, it really is a simple pattern, sigh...

Hope everyone is having a great week!