Sunday, June 13, 2010


Just a little note to let all of you know that don't know already, Jessi (aka: Bubblesknits, aka: Alabama Fiber Dreams) has moved back to blogger! Here is a LINKEY to her new place.

And she is having a contest....Wollmeise, need I say anymore? LOL

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Learning to live with it...

Yep, I'm learning to live with having wavy hair. I had straight hair when I was younger, I don't know what the heck happened. LOL  As I've gotten older my hair has decided to be curly or actually wavy. I've always straightened it. But living here at the beach in southern NC with all the humidity, lets just say it doesn't work too well with forcing your hair to be straight. So today I went to my wonderful stylist & told her we needed to figure out how to work with the waves. Here is the result. Oh, I'm also trying to let my bangs grow out.
Excuse the goofy photos of me.... I hate having my photo taken. :)  We will see how I like it. It should be much easier to do anyway.

Update on the Orthoheel Tide flip flops.... they did make my arches sore the first few days that I wore them. But then I'm not used to wearing shoes with propper structure. I like them. And I have to admit that my feet don't hurt in the usual places when I wear them to work all day. My big toes aren't painful when I get home, & it doesn't hurt to walk around the house barefoot anymore either after being on my feet all day. I think I'll give them a thumbs up, & probably purchase another pair when I get some more money.

Now on to the fun stuff! Here is what I've sent in for the June Phat Fiber box. This is The yarn money you can save with the Phatfiber box stitch markers. he he
Jessie with Phat Fiber had made this cute logo so I just played off that & made some yarn with eyeballs. :)

I also have some new sheep in my Esty Shop. Bright sheep! They come in Purple, Pink, Lime & Aqua. I've got stitch markers & matching orifice hooks.

I also got a few things from Beth over at Blue Mountain Handcrafts. Don't you just love it when the mailbox is stuffed with fiber goodies when you get home?! Here is my plum Flower Fairy Caddy Sax & Little Buddy Bags. The photos don't do them justice, the material is just gorgeous!
And here is some lovely, soft, squishy superwash merino. I can't decide if I want to spin these & leave them separate or possibly ply them together.
Here are a few samples that Beth included. If you buy anything from her shop, make sure you look for the special listings! That is how I got these beauties.
Here is some more gorgeous soft & squishy superwash merino that I got from Micamynx on etsy. (I snagged her photo cause I forgot to snap one before I started spinning it.) She has lots of beautiful fibers & handspun in her store. And I love me some superwash merino! It spins so easily & it's sooooo soft.
Here is my latest finished handspun too. I stared with these batts that I carded, 50% domestic wool / 50% bamboo.
I ended up with 250 yards of soft, heavy fingering weight yarn. The bamboo gave it a nice shimmer too. You can't tell it in the photo but it has a nice graduated color change when it goes from purple to green.

Well, I think that's about it for today. That's enough huh? LOL
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where does it go?

Where does all the time go anyway? It's zooming by. I've been super busy at work, which is a good & bad thing. So far we are having a good start to the summer season, that's good... but I've been really tired, that's the bad thing. Oh well, it only lasts a few months.

Speaking of work... if you have followed my blog for a while I'm sure you've heard me complain about my feet hurting. If you have just started reading my blog, my feet hurt pretty much all the dang time. There have been days when my big toes are down right painful when I finally get off my feet, just burning & sore. And here lately my right hip has started hurting too. It really sucks getting older! LOL To make a long story short, I'm on my feet all day at work a lot of times. And I hate wearing sneakers in the summer, it's just too dang hot for them. I hate having hot feet. I live in my flip flops through Spring, Summer & Fall. Unfortunately they aren't the best thing to be wearing when you have feet problems.

I've been searching online for some "better" flip flops, something that isn't so uncomfortable to wear all day. But they had to be cute at the same time. That's a pretty tall order. Most shoes that are better for your feet really aren't all that attractive. Times have changed though! I found this website, Orthaheel. But I really wanted to try some on before I purchased them. After all, these aren't $10 flip flops... so today I headed to a store in Myrtle that carried them.

I came home with these, Orthaheel Tide Sandals.

See, these are really cute flip flops. This is the color that I got today. If I really like them I might get another color, or possibly another style, they have several. They feel really good on my feet. A little weird though, I'm not used to wearing flip flops that have proper arches & foot alignment. LOL  The big test will be next week when I wear them to work. I will let everyone know the results. And they do have a 30 day money back guarantee, can't get any better than that!

I also had a computerized foot analysis & it confirmed the hot spots on my feet that hurt all the time. The pressure points caused by the way I stand. And the big toe was one of them. I was amazed at the little test they did, wearing my regular flip flops & clasping my hands together in front of me & in back of me they could pull me forward or backwards by putting pressure on my hands. They slipped a little thin orthopedic support under my foot, when they tried the test again with these I didn't budge. Amazing! I will be saving my money for some of those supports for my shoes!

I see comfy, pain free feet in my future! :)

I also had a good day shopping for shorts for work too. (I hate shopping just so you know, unless it's for fiber or yarn, he he.) I went to 2 stores & came away with 4 pairs of shorts that were on sale! Usually I have to go to 10 stores & still don't find what I'm looking for. It was a good day! I also got the grocery shopping done, so tomorrow I plan on knitting, spinning, making stitch markers, & watching the race.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some photos of some newly spun yarn & some pretty roving that I've just acquired. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!