Sunday, August 29, 2010

New toy!

First let me show you what 9.2 oz of fiber looks like on one of my huge super de-duper bobbins...

Here is the finished yarn. Now I just have to decide if I want to dye it or not. I'm leaning towards dyeing, I don't usually wear a lot of black, so if I overdye it with purple then it won't be so black & white...

And here is how I got it skeined up.... lookie at my new toy!! Kevin finished it up today. We still have to do final sanding & staining, but he thought I should try it out first to make sure we didn't need to make modifications. It worked wonderfully! Sooooo much easier than the niddy noddy.

My hubby is so sweet. Poor thing knows more about yarn, spinning, & spinning tools than he ever wanted to know. LOL

Oh! I even made a few batts yesterday after I got home from work. I had forgotten how much fun it was to do that. :)

It's Sunday, back to work tomorrow.... poo. Maybe we will hit the lottery & I won't have to, well a girl can dream can't she?

Monday, August 23, 2010

New Goodies!

I got a sweet little birthday goody from Sherry over at Prancing Pixel on etsy. This sample fiber from her Tree Fabric africa batts.

Thank you so much Sherry! I love it & can't wait to spin it up. :)

And here is some fiber that I snapped up at Upstream Alpacas, she was having a pre-vacation sale!
Jeweled silver grey baby alpaca roving, this is soooooo soft!
This one is alpaca/merino in the Rosebud colorway.

I also had quite a few friends do a little shopping in my etsy store on my birthday so I could get a little birthday cash to spend! Thank you guys, you're the best!! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Early Birthday Gifties!

I just love getting early birthday gifties, don't you? Early ones, on time ones, & even late ones! :)

My birthday isn't until tomorrow, but when I got home from work yesterday I had a package waiting on me. I just knew it was from my sweet friend Grace even before I had it in my hands! She's always on time. Not like me, I'm always sending them late, he he.

Sure enough, Grace sent me a wonderful birthday package!
Sam I Am the gnome, isn't he a cutie pie?! A sweet note card, a wonderful shawl pattern & some gorgeous yarn to knit it with. Thank you so much Grace!! I love it all & you just made my day. :)

I just had to steal Grace's photo of her gang of gnomes, not only is Grace the Queen of Shawls, she is the Queen of Cutness now too. They are just so adorable! There is Sam at the top left with all of his buddies. He is now settled comfortably in his new home here with me. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Long overdue...

I've been a bit slack about getting stuff posted here lately. I do have a few things to show you guys.

I crocheted this square with some of my handspun, sent it off to be included in a special project for a friend.
This is the yarn I started with, made with the batt that Beth's daughter, Katie, made me.

And this is what I'm spinning at the moment....
I've got a little over 4 oz. already on the bobbin! I don't think there is gonna be any problem getting all 9 oz on there. :)  It's just taking forever to get it all spun up. Course that could have a lot to do with the fact that I haven't had a lot of free time to spin lately...

I picked up some wonderful soap from Lydia's etsy shop, Prairie Fire Soapworks & Fiber, a while back. This photo shows the Goat Cream soap & the sweet yarn sample that she sent, I also had a bar of Grapefruit soap, but that one didn't make it into the photo. he he

And some soap from Jenn's etsy shop, Knottie Girl Designs, too. I know, I'm a little soap crazy. There's just something wonderful about handmade soap.
This is a couple bars of Green Apple Glycerin soap & 2 Orange Scented Avocado Cucumber Soap with strawberry seeds (which sounds heavenly, I think that will be the bar to go into the bath after I finish up my grapefruit). She also included a couple scented stash sachets, how clever!

I picked up 8oz of this gorgeous spinning fiber from Beth at Blue Mountain Handcrafts a while back too.
This is Ashford 20/80 Silk Merino roving. And it is absolutely gorgeous in person!!

And my newest acquisitions.... from Kathy's etsy shop, Gypsyknits.
The adorable sheepy Knifty Knotions Box & the Sox Box bags, & some lovely, soft & squishy BFL roving in the Meadow colorway, & a generous sample of more BFL roving.

Thank you to all of you enablers, I loved all of my "stuff". :)

I think I'm caught up now, I think.  I hope everyone is having a good weekend!!