Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Latest spinning

Here is my latest handspun… This started out as Angora bunny fur that I purchased at a fiber festival last year, it was blended into a mix of 50% alpaca, 33% angora, 17% milk fiber & a tiny bit of gold sparkles. Roo at Moonwood Farm blended the lovely fiber for me. It was about 3 oz of fiber & I got 197 yards of sport weight yarn.

I tried not to put too much twist in it, I was thinking that the less twist I get in there the softer it’ll be. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s incredibly soft!!!

And this is what I have on my wheel now.... This is Falkland wool that I purchased at Spinning The Web.

If you are a member of some of my Ravelry groups... sorry you are seeing this again! LOL

We also have confirmation that our Marine will be home for Christmas! That's the best Christmas present we could have gotten. :)

Hope everyone is haveing a good week!


Channon said...

How scrumptious is that?! Whatcha' gonna' make with that?

Nichole said...

So pretty!

NH Knitting Mama said...

The handspun is gorgeous! I want to pet it...

So glad you'll have your family together at Christmas!

gypsyknits said... pretty:). Looks very soft.
Merry Christmas on your Marine coming home:) YAY!!!!!

Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow. That looks divine.

So very glad he'll be home for Christmas. :-)