Sunday, January 16, 2011

I can't remember it all!

I know a lot has gone on since I've made my last "real" post. But I can't remember everything I was going to share! Sheesh.

We have been doing well. Just working & enjoying some time with our Marine before he gets deployed later this month. I've been making some clay stuff, doing a little spinning, not much knitting going on lately, a little reading.

Jasmine is good, her last vet appt. went well, the vet said that he would never had guessed that she was almost 10 years old if he hadn't read it in her chart. That's a good thing. :) She has been doing a lot of napping as usual. And has taken quite a shine to the pillows on the bed, she thinks they are all there for her, every day she is on a different one. LOL

I came up with Cactus Stitch Markers & Buttons, turned out cute I think. They are all in my artfire shop if anyone is interested in a few faux succulents. :)

Here are the last projects that I finished right around Christmas that I know I haven't posted about.
My first woven scarf, the only one so far. I was weaving some pillows, the yarn was a bit "sticky" but I was going to suffer through it until Kevin admitted that he didn't like them. So why bother? I cut them off this weekend. Now to figure out what project I want to do next....

Here is the Starr Neckwarmer that I made for my childhood BFF for Christmas, with some more kitty fur yarn that I spun. This is the Ripple Cowl by Rachel Bishop (Ravelry link). Nice, quick pattern. And Beth loved it, that's all that matters. :)

I cleaned up my messy fiber/craft room! This is before....

This is the same area after the clean up!

I really shouldn't show this photo, I should be ashamed of myself to have this much stash & UFO's hidden in here! LOL

OH! Anyone up for a SAL (Spin-A-Long)? Blue Mountain Handcrafts is having a Vacation Destination SAL. Check out the linkey for more info if you are interested. We've only got until the 22nd to get in on it!

Great prizes to be awarded for the SAL too! They include one of Beth's awesome new Tote Bags, a spinning batt, a set of my markers & a WPI tool.

Well, I think that is about it for now. Hope you guys had a great weekend!!!


Delusional Knitter said...

Wow, and I thought I had a stash! Room looks really nice. Jasmine is such a cutie :) My cats think my side of the bed is really their side. I had to start putting the blanket up over my pillow in the morning so I don't get a mouth full of cat fur when I go to bed at night.

Channon said...

LOL!!! Queen Jazzy... such a doll.

That scarf is beautiful, as are the cactii. You're quite the skilled artisan, woman!

I miss spinning. I hope I have time to do some very soon. Love the cowl and the yarn... what did you blend it with?

Bubblesknits said...

DUDE...and I thought *I* had a stash! LOL Although, I'm guessing that there's more than just yarn in that room, if you're like me. ; )

Love the neckwarmer and the woven scarf!

Nichole said...

I think your stash looks very well organized... great!!!
Love that cowl... and the buttons & markers are adorable!
Glad to hear Jasmine is doing well! :)

gypsyknits said...

Love the scarf and cowl and that Jazzy is quite snazzy ;).

Love how the craft room is so organized. Wanna come up here and take a stab at mine? You'd have to stay a week just to wade through it....LOL!