Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. Mine was good even though I had to go to work. :)
My wonderful hubby gave me a dozen beautiful purple roses.

I also got my Valentine's Fancy Kitty Swap package today!  Here are all the wonderful goodies that Monica sent me.
 A lovely batt of Merino & Romney, a handmade Valentine card, handmade chocolates (YUM) & other candy, and one of Monica's beautiful Diz. She even made me a special Diz in purple, sweet!  Thank you so much Monica!!! I love everything!

I wanted to show everyone the gorgeous tote bag that I got from Beth at Blue Mountain Handcrafts a while back too. This is a great padded tote bag! And I love the mixed purple fabrics on the pockets. It's reversable but who would want to hide the pretty pockets?

Nothing new on the knitting or weaving front... but I did get some more yarn spun. This is my Vacation SAL package from BMH. Mine was New Zealand. I had the merino/silk with the Violet solid. I started with 6oz., 3oz of each color. I ended up with 310 yards of sport/dk weight yarn.

Next up for the wheel is this lovely fiber that I got from Robin, that I plan on plying with the solid red alpaca that I dyed.

And I got some new markers made. Giraffes, aren't they cutie pies?

Have a great week everyone!!


gypsyknits said...

Awesome goodies and I"m taking the time to smell the roses ;)

Love the giraffes. So very cute.

Channon said...

Love it all, especially the roses. I got to take the dogs to the vet. As much as that cost, I guess happy day to me! Better than the poor Knight who hasn't gotten home yet from a woods fire he went on before I left work.

Those giraffes are darling!

Delusional Knitter said...

Ohhh so much purple (my favorite)! I got purple roses one year ... he must not have been able to find them this year :O) But the pink and yellow ones I got are nice. Glad you got some goodies!

gMarie said...

We had a lovely dinner with friends. The girafees are too cute for words. g

Nichole said...

Those roses are beauteous! I took pics of mine, but haven't downloaded yet... but that purple is just lucious!
The swap package and bag are great...giraffes are really cute (and remind me that I must ask you about creating Jaguars... you know the 2 I'm referring to, I'm sure...)

Bubblesknits said...

Oh my goodness! I love those little giraffes! : ) Drama Llama used to call them "Ralphs" when she was little. lol

Love the purple roses. Those are perfect for you. : )