Monday, March 28, 2011

I really was!

Honest, I really was getting caught up on all of my blog reading.... then the hubby decided to share the flu with me. I was just about over that & it decided to turn around & bite me in the butt, it turned into a sinus infection. UGH. Let me just say that I'm tired of feeling bad.  I almost felt human today so that's a little better.

Here is what I've done while sick, besides sleep too much & spend too much time in bed laying around, & attempting to go to work & get a few things done there, ha ha.

I finished up some handspun yarn on my Vespera. This is the first yarn I've done from fleece to finished yarn. I have almost a pound of this green fiber so I have plenty more to get through. :)

And here is what I'm doing with that green yarn.... I'm making a Flower afghan with scraps of handspun, my green yarn & it will be bordered with cream I think. The pattern is the Flower Patch Afghan by Mary Jane Protus, from the Afghans for All Seasons book. This will take me a while to finish. I'm just doing a square every now & then when I get some small amounts of handspun to use up for the flowers.

That's about it. I hope everyone is doing well. :)


Channon said...

Beautiful - all of it. That's a great shade of green! Glad you're feeling better.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

This is an amazing project ~ from fleece to finished blanket ~ really amazing!

Steve had a bad cold that kept him down for about a month. Hope you continue to feel better :)

Nichole said...

BOO to sickies! But YAY to that gorgeous green and those adorable squares!

gypsyknits said...

Gorgeous project from sheep to square. Sorry to hear you were sick and hope you're feeling better now.

Delusional Knitter said...

Beautiful yarn, the green is so Spring-like. Congrats on getting it done from fleece to finished. Love the project idea, its going to be beautiful!! Glad you are feeling better.

Bubblesknits said...

Gorgeous! Must be something in the air, because I'm using handspun for a blanket too. It's so nice to finally have a good project for it. : )

Sorry to hear you've been sick! The flu is the pits and sinus infections aren't much better.