Saturday, July 12, 2008

Keepin Cool Swap Package

I received my Keepin Cool Swap Package from Alaina P. And what a package it is!! Alaina put together a totally awesome package full of items picked especially for me.

This first shot is of the entire package, just look at all those goodies! Somehow the little melon scented candle turned up missing for the photo. I think it jumped into my candle holder on my way to the porch to take photos. :)

Now for the close up shots so you can see all the pretties..... Here are two of the cloths Alaina sent. Black & white to match my kitchen. I just love them, got one hanging by the sink as I type.
And here is the "watermelon" cloth, and a "Darn Socks" mouse toy for Jasmine. The mouse tag says "I'm just an old holey sock, filled with organic catnip, recycled crinkly plastic, pistachio shells, and wool lint stuffing. Your cat will love me." Jazzy loves her new toy, I'm trying to get a photo of her playing with it. Maybe I'll be able to catch her with it by the time for the WoW post next week. :)
Here is the yummy bath goodness that came in the package, Cucumber Melon shower gel, lotion & body spray. And it is indeed yummy, I used it all last night.... the hubby said I smelled good enough to eat. SNOL!
And there was plenty of yarney goodness in the package as well. I love the colors of the cotton and the Suri Merino is heavenly soft. And just look at that awesome yarn bag! It has a little hole in each end to feed your yarn through so you can use it while knitting, so cool!
Here are the yummy treats that were included. Some fruit flavored Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher gummies, and a great water bottle with an ice insert to keep the Crystal Lite she included cold. I think I need to modify my water bottle pattern and make one to fit this baby....
And last but not least, here is the pattern book that I actually did not have which is amazing, some purple note cards & note pad and a couple of pretty post cards.Thank you so much Alaina! It truly is an awesome package, and all of it will be put to good use! I love all of it!! :)


Alaina said...

It was fun picking things out for you...



Channon said...

Could you PLEASE explain to Jaz that we NEED to see her playing with her new toy???

Love it all, and glad to see you were well-spoiled!

Bubblesknits said...

What a great package! I got to spoil Alaina. :-) And I agree with Chan. Pictures of Jaz and the toy!

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh so glad you got so spoiled, you need it! Fantastic package!!
come on Jazzi, you know you want too :) lol
Enjoy it all kid!!!