Saturday, November 15, 2008

Throw Out 50 Things

While blog surfing this evening, I came across this on Monica's blog.... Throw Out 50 Things.
This seems like a good time to de-clutter some things that should have been gone a long time ago! I even started today.... I finally "retired" my rubber ducky, who has kept me company in the shower for many years. He had seen better days. :) Maybe I'll get a new ducky in my stocking this year. I know there are more clothes in my closet that I should donate cause I don't wear them anymore, maybe some shoes I could get rid of, some yarn that I don't like that I could donate somewhere, other craft items I don't need, and I really should get rid of some of the "knickknacks" I have around here! And I really need to throw out my old potholders & either make new ones or get some new ones at WallyWorld....

If anyone else wants to join in, go visit Monica's post & sign the Mister Linky.


gypsyknits said...

Poor rubber ducky. New potholders would be nice.

Channon said...

How do you SHOWER with a rubber ducky?!