Sunday, November 30, 2008

Throw Out 50 Things

Just a short update.....
  1. Rubber Duck
  2. 4 books donated to a used book store
  3. Raincoat donated to Thrift Store
  4. Denim Jacket donated to Thrift Store
  5. Sweater donated to Thrift Store
  6. Old Tennis Shoes trashed
  7. Another used coat trashed, no one should be wearing that fugly thing! LOL

I need to get busy & get rid of some stuff! My list is growing too slowly.

Tomorrow I should have more knitting updates too! Hope everyone had a good weekend.


Channon said...

But your list is growing! That's all that matters...

gypsyknits said...

(sigh) I guess I'm gonna have to sign up for this too. I have so much crap around here, it's not funny. At least you're doing something about it though.