Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fiber Goodness & Gracie's Award

Lookie what I found in my mailbox! This is 4oz of BFL roving in the Mermaid colorway, purchased from Kathy in her etsy shop. I pestered her about dying some fiber to add to her store & she was sweet enough to accommodate me. She even sent a little mini sample of another color. Sneaky she is, sending little samples so I'll want more, as if I didn't already! If only I had the money available, I would have bought every bit of her lovely fiber! I am knitting, but on another secret project. Hopefully I'll have that finished up in the next couple of weeks & I can get back to my spinning. My little wheel is taunting me from across the room!

I also received another award from (Not So) Cynical Knitter. The 2009 Gracie's Golden Blogger Award. I am truly honored! I've met so many wonderful people the past couple of years in blogland. And she is definitely one of the best! And Gracie is just a cutie pie!

And her very first downloadable pattern is now available on Ravelry!The Go Steelers Lace Scarf, that Gracie is modeling in the photo here.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was good, just went by way too fast! Can you believe it, it was 76 here today!!!


(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

76 holy cow! almost all of our snow is gone, it's so odd. thanks for the nice shout out :)

Bubblesknits said...

Oh NO! She has fiber now? I'm doomed. lol

Channon said...

SNOL... I got a sample of her fiber with my order too. Now, it will be Wednesday before I can get the Knight to fix the wheel...

gypsyknits said...

Congrats on the award.
Sneaky? Me? Nah!!!! Just wanted to give you a bit to experiment.
Enjoy your spinning and I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Thanks for the plug:)