Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's the little things...

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most in life.... the little things that family & friends do for you, little things that let you know that someone out there cares & is thinking of you....

I've had some little & some not so little packages arrive this week. And boy did I need some cheer. It was a hectic week at work last week & weekend, I've been overworked, overstressed & overtired. The housework has gone by the wayside & the mess is starting to get on my last nerves.... I'm sure you've all been there before.

It was so nice to see those packages, they made me smile. And I really needed it! So a HUGE thank you goes out to all of my friends who have been thinking of me & letting me know that you care!!!

First, let me show you the awesome Swapper's Choice Dishcloth Swap package that I got from Dawn. (Those are Ravelry links... what? You aren't on Ravelry? Why the heck not? LOL)
Dawn sent 2 gorgeous dishcloths in happy colors, an adorable sheepy notebook & note card, 2 skeins of elann.com Sonata cotton yarn, a cool biodegradable sponge, and a beautiful handmade quilted project bag! Thank you so much Dawn! I love everything you sent, & it means a lot that you put so much time & thought into everything!!

Here are the great little cloths & some lovely yarn that I got from Betty at Sheeps of Egyptian Cotton. Betty's cloths are crocheted from her own handspun cotton yarn, they are super soft. And you really have to see her handspun cotton yarn in person to really appreciate it. It's the most amazing hand spinning that I've ever seen! If I didn't know better I'd swear it was a commercially made yarn, just better & softer than all the other commercial stuff. :)And check out this little cutie! He's a Pocket Sheep from Elizabeth at Sheepshape. He's smaller than that business card there & just cute as a button!!! I know I don't "need" them, but dang, I just want a whole collection of the little guys! LOLAnd I was actually feeling a little creative on Sunday, the one day I had off last week... I ended up with Octopi. Silly little guys with their big eyeballs. Honestly, how could they not make you smile? :) These guys are listed in my store of course.... I have also started a few other new critters but they aren't ready to share just yet.I hope everyone is has a great week! May your friends & family make you smile too! :)


Channon said...

That little sheepy is too cute! (And Sissy could swallow him whole and never think twice...)

Love the octopies too. You're so clever and creative!

Bubblesknits said...

What a great mail week you had! Love those washcloths...going to bookmark that site for future reference.

And the octopi? PRECIOUS!

Nichole said...

What an adorable little sheepie... and even more adorable are your Octopi!

Great packages... and yes, getting fun stuff in the mail is always a nice little pick-me-up. My po box has been lacking in fun, or even junk, mail as of late... lol

gypsyknits said...

What a haul! Very nice:). So, are you going to use those handspun dishcloths?
Love the Octopi. Cute!