Monday, November 19, 2007

Three Arrivals & One Departure

What a wonderful thing to come home from work and have packages waiting for you!!! I just love getting packages full of knitting goodies!!
I received my "Sock Project Bag" from Elizabeth today, it is totally awesome!! Check out all of the goodies that were in the bag when it arrived.... A sweet card from Elizabeth, super soft purple sock yarn (3 of them!), lotion, pens, stickers, 3 sets of note cards, 2 mini notebooks, knitting needles, yarn needles, a zippered pouch to put all my little bits in the bag with, chewing gum & lip gloss!! What a great package, I thought it was my Birthday again!! Thank goodness it wasn't, ha ha!
Check out this great bag she made for me..... it is green & brown, it has 2 pockets on the outside (the little mini notepads fit in those like they were made for it), a shoulder strap & two mini tabs for a grab-n-go feature. The lining is incredible, Elizabeth's sewing abilities far exceed mine!! :) The pretty sunflower lining has 2 pockets in there too with a really neat drawstring closure.
What makes the bag so special is that Elizabeth made it especially for me, and it is AWESOME!! I'm going to go put my "red socks" project in there right now! Aren't you guys jealous that I have such a wonderful bag??? Na na na na.... JJ :P I will think of Elizabeth often while using my new bag. She put such thought into the bag and all of the goodies she sent. I'm so honored!!
Ok, on to arrival #2.... I received a package from my Seasons & Celebrations Stitch Marker Exchange pal, Joye.
Joye sent a book by Sandra Brown that I actually haven't read! I read a lot of books!! A super cute Santa bookmark, check him out in the photo, isn't that just too cute!! :) A Christmas pen & pencil, a calendar to keep track of all my swaps (I need it bad!), a flip flop note pad & 4 sets of stitch markers!! 2 Christmas sets, one set with little gift beads & one set of cutie charms, a set of fall stitch markers & a set of Valentine heart markers, one of them has a little charm that says "love". Joye, you are awesome! I just love everything and the markers are really sweet, I'll get tons of use out of them!
Here is the Departure: These are 2 washcloths/dishcloths that I made for an angel package for the Dishcloth Exchange. I used the same pattern that Terri used for the ones she sent to me. Great pattern, very easy & knits up quick. This angel package will be in the mail tomorrow, I hate that it is so much later than everyone's original packages, I hope this makes up for not getting one sooner.

Oh, one more arrival.... late to post this one! Super Duper Terri sent me an extra package of goodies after the original box. She included this wonderful night light & some pink flamingo soaps! Isn't she great, or should I say "Super Duper"!! Thanks Terri, I'm so glad that I met you through the exchange!!! She is becoming a wonderful friend indeed!! No, not because of all the wonderful goodies she sent, those are a bonus! I would have liked Terri even without all the "stuff"!! :)


T. said...

People like you are few and far between, that's for sure. Thanks for the lovely comment -- I really appreciate that, and YOU.

Great load of goodies you got there! I'm glad the dishcloths were easy for ya... I think I had some dishcloth ADD when I made yours.. :P

Bubblesknits said...

Wow! You really got spoiled! I love the bag!

Anonymous said...

Your dishcloths are WONDERFUL!!! I'm going to be emailing you like crazy since I can't seem to get past the 3rd row!!!

primdollie said...

Oh love the bag and all and the pretty dishcloths you made too!!! what fun!!! Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I just wanted to leave a quick note to let you know I received my package and I love it! I'll send a proper thank you and post a picture and post on my blog in the next few days. Thanks so much for being my angel!