Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Arrivals & New Listings

Lookie what I got!!! This came in the mail on Saturday from the Sweet Sheep. Dream in Color "Classy" worsted weight yarn in Giant Peach color, the Dream in Color shrug pattern, & they also sent along a pretty fingerless glove pattern for free. I also ordered some other yarn but I can't show that one because it is a secret... but it's really pretty too, going to be hard to part with! :) Chan did this shrug & I have been wanting to give it a try ever since I saw hers, go take a look at her photos. I actually dug back & found that post Chan, aren't you impressed? he he!

Then Robin got me working on some more stitch markers, which was a good thing, I have been a bit lazy lately & really needed to get some made! I haven't quite finished Robin's set yet but here are some cuties I did get finished... Easter Egg Chicks, the Easter eggs hatched! :)
I also have some Easter Eggs & Robin's Farm Animal Mix that I'm still working on. I'll get photos of those posted soon.
Got to go finish up some sheep & watch the NASCAR race.... hope everyone is having a good weekend!


Robin said...

AWESOME, they are so cute! I can't wait...

Anonymous said...

Love 'em all! So VERY cute and sweet.

Can't wait to see your shrug on needles!