Thursday, March 20, 2008

Worth the Wait!

My Defeat the Winter Doldrums package from Cass came today! So, while I'm sitting here sipping some yummy spicy tea in my new "hearts" mug let me show you what was inside... Warning: this is going to be a photo heavy post! I think it deserves it since Cass put so much into the package... she did it twice! The first one is lost in the mail somewhere, hopefully to turn up sometime in the future. :)
If you look in this first photo, the brown jar contains home grown by Cass herself Catnip! I'm sure Jazzy will love this stuff! If I can get a photo of her with some of it I will, she drools when she has too much catnip! ha ha!!
There were 3 beautiful cloths in there, all of them were different patterns but done in coordinating yarn, soooo soft & pretty, almost seems a shame to use them (almost!).

There was some sweet smelling lavender soap, a sweetheart mug which I left in the box for the photo because the box was so cute!

Some really delicious Good Earth Organic Original Tea, Sweet & Spicy, and it's really good nice & warm. Also in that photo there to the right is some of the yarn she included, it's Honeysuckle Yarns cotton, in Sea Breeze colorway. There in the back you see my Googley Pets Kitty Pen! How adorable is that cutie! I'm taking him to work with me so I'll get plenty of work done with him & lots of giggles at the same time! :)

In this next one.... some Sheep of a Different Color yarn in Teal & Bronze. All of this yarn is so beautiful, the photos just don't do it justice! Some teal tissues & a teal covered note pad.

I only had a few minutes to open the box & get a quick looksie at everything before I had to leave to make it to my knitting group at 6:30 tonight & I totally missed these sparkly stitch markers! When I got home tonight & dug everything out to oogle & pet it all I found these pretties tucked in the mug box. The photo doesn't show just how sparkly they are, heck they are the fishhook kind, I just might wear 2 of them as earrings tomorrow! ha ha! They are really that pretty!

Awwww.... Lester has found a new friend!

Thanks so much Cass!!!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate everything you sent!!! I know it really sucked to have your package lost in the mail, you were awesome to put together such a wonderful package a second time! Hopefully the first one will turn up, I'd hate to have to poke some stealing slug in the eyeballs with my knitting needles!! Actually I'd enjoy it if I ever found out someone had that package!

You ROCK Cass!


KSee said...

what a great swap pal. the colors of the yarn are great, my colors, if I may say so. Plus all those pretty cloths. The Googley Pets Kitty Pen will gets lots of giggles at work.

Cass said...

YAY! I'm happy dancing in my chair. I have visions of some unscrupulous mail carrier playing with his googly eyed cat pen and wiping himself with my (your) dishcloths. :p I'm so glad you liked everything! Let me know how you like those stitch markers, will ya? I'll be interested to hear how they work.

Anonymous said...

I love those cloths, and I have the very same cotton you were given (the variegated?) in that very colorway. A great package...

Anonymous said...

oooh I love those cloths.. and I've seen those pens, almost got myself one once ;-) too cute... what a lovely package! Cass sent me the best soap, which I just recently re-ordered because I love it so much... it makes my whole bathroom smell of the scent, called Sunshine, which I so need these days!

Bubblesknits said...

Okay...there's just something about that pen that just reminds me of Cass. :-) It's great! Goofy and cute, just like her. lol
And the cloths are beautiful!

Grace Yaskovic said...

Your cloths are wonderful but then everything Cass sent is great, I have had the honor of 2 swaps with her and you are right SHE ROCKS

Kathy at Webs was my upstream in the Camp Ravelry Swap last summer, her first box to me got terribly lost, we have never seen it either of us, but her second box was wonderful!!!!

Enjoy your fun stuff!!!!

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

OMG, you totally scored! Great stuff, beautiful yarns and everything!