Monday, January 12, 2009

Fiber Goodness

My FIL gave me some cash for Christmas & this is what I got! Lots & lots of wool fiber! 5 pounds of it!!!!! I had a box waiting on me when I got home from work on Friday, the thing was just about busting at the seams. The Hubby bet me that I'd never get it all back in the box, I won the bet! Don't know how but I did, LOL. All of this great fiber came from The Sheep Shed Studio, it was an awesome deal!

Here is what 5 pounds of fiber looks like.... I got 1 pound of each color. Here is the brown wool fiber, I think it's much richer than the photo shows...I believe this black & white fiber is my favorite of all of them. It's sooooo soft, I bet this is gonna be gorgeous spun up!Here is the cream wool fiber. This is what I'm mixing with Starr's fur to make my Super Starr kitty yarn. :)This is called a "Grab Bag" of wool fiber. Hard to see in the photo but there is some white, some light grey & some black. This is more like batts, but it's really soft & fluffy. This is a beautiful green superwash wool. The photo is much too yellow, it's more green than that.And Carol even included this little 2oz bag of aqua colored superwash wool. It's just lovely! If I had known she had that gorgeous color, I probably would have ordered a whole pound of that too!Whew! Now which one to spin first?

Actually I've already started on my Super Starr kitty yarn. I think it's coming out really nice. However, the blending by hand takes some time (that new drum carder that Jessi got is looking so good right now!), so I took a break from that & I'm spinning up some of that wonderful wool fiber that I got from Chan at Christmas. Got to get some photos of that.... now back to spinning!

Oh! I'm also currently knitting Miss Jasmine a kitty bed with the super-bright handspun yarn that I did.... photos to follow on that too!

Hope everyone is having a good week!!


Channon said...

Spinnin' fool. ;)

knittinwolf said...

You have a beautiful blog! Seeing all those beautiful fibers is making me get the itch to cross over and learn to spin!:) Love the Nora Roberts widget! Have a great day!

Bubblesknits said...

Holy cow woman! That's a ton of fiber! I love the colors you picked. Wanna drive down and play with the carder? ;-)