Sunday, February 10, 2008

Doldrums Swap TOTW #4

"Defeat the Winter Doldrums" for some of us we get the doldrums and others don't. For the ones who get doldrums what helps you get rid of them? For the ones who don't get the doldrums, what helps you keep them away?

I don't get the Winter doldrums too much.... it just hardley ever seems like winter here.... it has been in the 60's & 70's this past week!! We only get a few really cold days here and the last time we got any real snow was in 2000, we got 12 inches that year!! It only stayed for 2 days though, after that it was all melted away. I think I get the Summer Doldrums, ha ha! In July & August it is sooooo HOT & humid here I hate going outside!

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