Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lots of great goodies!!

Well, I'm exhausted!!! I have been fighting with this stupid computer for 2 days now!!! I have just ended a phone call with Dell & ordered my new laptop!! YEAH! I am so tired of having to fight with this outdated, troublemaker of a desktop computer!! It really was doing fine until the step-son moved home recently.... let me just say that most knitting sites are much safer than the places he goes on the Internet! :) However, now I will have my own computer that no one & I mean NO ONE will have access to but me! And while in Wallyworld today I checked out the printers & they had one of those all in one, printer, scanner, copier, that was wireless for $99. Hopefully I'll be able to get one of those soon so I don't have to plug in to print.....

Now on to the goodies.... I received my Stitch Marker exchange from Debbie, it included 2 balls of Sugar N Cream yarn, chocolate (I ate some of it before picture taking!), green tea, a couple of patterns, a card and a set of beautiful stitch markers! Going to try to get a better photo of the markers tomorrow outside where I don't have to use the flash. Thanks Debbie, you're awesome!!

Then I got the cutest cat toys from Denise's Etsy shop Yummy Pancake. They are little Catnip filled Ice Cream Cones! No, they aren't all for Jasmine, I'm going to share some with friends. :) But Jazzy did love hers!!! Here are some photos of the princess playing with her Ice Cream Cone.... you can't see it in the photos real well but the cutest part was that she was holding it and actually biting on the ice cream part!

Well, I finally got the "look", would you PLEASE STOP with the photos and let me play in peace! :)


Angela said...

Jazzy is a cutie!!

Tag - you're it. I got tagged earlier, post 7 random things about yourself :o)

KSee said...

Pretty computer. I was going to get a laptop but knew that all the extras would really take it out of my comfort price point. So I went with a desk top business edition and spent extra on a back up drive. Maybe next year.
Oh, I know that "look" Pia is the one taht give it to me. I have the hardest time get her to take a good picture. By the time I click she moves.