Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Flowers & a little Math?

Well, no knitting content.... but I thought I'd share some photos of the pretty faces I have been seeing around here, even though I've been neglecting them of late. These peach roses are hiding around the bottom of my rose bush. Now take a look at a photo of the whole bush, isn't she a beauty?! I'll get a few shots of her in full glory in a week or so. To get some perspective of how big this thing is... I'm 5'2" tall and the bird feeder pole is about a foot taller than me, so somewhere around 6 feet or so... a couple of those branches are taller than the pole! Now, I'm not sure what kind of rose this is. When I bought it the label said that it was a peachy/orange hybrid tea rose, I've never seen a hybrid tea rose bush get this big. I'm thinking that the hybrid bush died and this beauty came from the root stock. The blooms don't last very long but they smell heavenly, and just wait & see when she is in full bloom, its just amazing! I have a few other rose bushes in my yard but this one is my favorite!

Here is a shot of my Amaryllis....

And a few Peony blooms.... One of these was supposed to be a peach color but all I've ever gotten is a creamy white bloom... still pretty though. I think I have a bright pink one around somewhere too, hasn't bloomed yet.

Now for a little Math.... this is the kind of Math I like! LOL

I started with this.... pretty plum roving from Chan. :)

Pretty Plum Roving + Purple Mix Batts

= Plum Heathered Tweed handspun yarn!


Bubblesknits said...

I love the yarn! That turned out beautiful! :-)

KSee said...

Your flowers are about a month ahead of mine. So pretty.
Roving to yarn...beautiful!

Anonymous said...

This is said with love, but...

You make me sick. ;)

It looks AWESOME! Leaves me craving a wheel though, because the Kundert and I won't be able produce ANYTHING like that. (And no wonder you don't want to felt it, although I'm sure that would be beautiful...)

Robin said...

You are something else, LOVE that yarn!!

Your flowers are gorgeous, my Peony's are yet to open.

vegasangelbrat said...

Oh wow, your yarn looks fabulous! Your doing a really great job at that!!
I love the flowers...please do smell them for me :) lol all the flowers I miss, (what I call regular flowers)

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

Wow, you are doing great with the spinning. How pretty.

And those flowers get me so excited about my own garden that is just budding now.