Monday, October 6, 2008

Progress Report & Packages

To prove to you all that I have been knitting..... SEE! Actual knitting progress! This is the Cascading Leaves Shawl by Vicki Mikulak. I am hoping to finish this up & give it to the Hubby's Grandma for Christmas. I am really enjoying the pattern. It's not a difficult lace pattern at all but you really have to pay attention to what you are doing.

And I've finally figured out a way to easily purl!! Woohoo! You just have NO idea! To make a long story short, I taught myself to knit, a challenge in itself. Unknowingly I taught myself to knit Continental, somewhat. I could do the knit stitches with no problem, zipped right along with knit, but I just couldn't figure out a comfortable way to hold the yarn to purl where it was quick. Purling has been very awkward the past couple of years. So recently I started experimenting with different ways to hold my yarn, & walla, it finally clicked & now I'm a purling fool! :)

In other news, here is a photo of the goodies that I got from Hariamrit in the Dish Rag Tag. A wonderful dishcloth, a dishcloth pattern book (that I did not have!), sticky notes, a Loopy Ewe heart tape measure, a little hat kit in a cute little clear bag that will be put to good use carrying my knitting gadgets, and a tiny little crochet hook for picking up stitches. My team, the Rag Olympians came in 8th! I know, that isn't the top 3, but we had a great time & such a good team. I'd like to thank all the girls on the team for being such great sports to compete with. If there is a 3rd Dish Rag Tag I'll be signing up again!

And for a perfect homecoming gift on a Monday.... Barbara & Oribel sent me & Jasmine this little care package! A catnip pillow toy for Jazzy, a pretty card & a delicious loaf of bread! I couldn't help myself, as soon as the photo was taken I unwrapped that bread & cut me a slice & ate it with some butter spread on it..... absolutely yummy!!! Jazzy & I thank you Barbara, what a wonderful surprise! And here I thought I was supposed to be sending you something! :) Hope everyone has a good week ahead!


gypsyknits said...

Oh the shawl is lovely. I'm sure Grandma will enjoy and admire it:)

The goodies (especially the bread) look wonderful too. Enjoy! You and Jasmine deserve it.

Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Wow! I wasn't sure you would get it before tommorrow! I am glad you are both enjoying everything (are you sharing the bread?) Am I going to start being known as "The Bread Lady" in the knitting-blogosphere?

Bubblesknits said...

Oh wow. That shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors in it. :-)

Ignore the strange sounds coming from your kitchen. I'll clean up the bread crumbs after I'm done. SNOL

KSee said...

The shawl will be gorgeous. I envy you for having the patience to do it.

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

The shawl is be-yoo-ti-ful! I also love your comments on the purling. I have found a fast way to purl too...don't you LOVE it!?

Channon said...

Too bad I didn't read this before I commented on B's blog... Yep! I think she is the Bread Lady now.

LOVE the shawl. What yarn are you using?

Nichole said...

Love the shawl!

Isn't the Dish Rag Tag FUN? Congrats on 8th! :)

Robin said...

Your shawl is beautiful, I'm sure she will love and cherish it!
Nice package too!

NH Knitting Mama said...

The shawl is gorgeous so far, and I love the yarn!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the weather!

Angela said...

That shawl is lovely!! What a great gift. I learned continental knitting, but its not extremely comfortable for me, so I usually revert to engligh. However, right now I am doing a fair isle project and am doing one color continental and the other english, so I hope to get much better at continental by the time this is through!!

vegasangelbrat said...

Bet you thought I feel off the earth,
Love the shawl colors, gonna be pretty, nice pattern!
Yummm to homemade bread!! Its the best, made with
Hope you have a great weekend!!