Friday, April 4, 2008

Contest to benefit ASPCA!

Hi everyone! Go on over to Lap Dog Creations, Nichole is having a great contest to benefit the ASPCA! She is racking up some great prizes to give away! She has 5 ways to enter & the contest is open until April 25th. I checked out the link she has for Snuggles, and I believe that I'm gonna do a few of those. I found plenty of yarn I can use the other night while creating my huge mess in the spare room! If I can dig some out from the bottom of the pile, ha ha. I just think this is an awesome idea, I love my baby Jasmine & I'd just love to go adopt a couple more kittys but my hubby would either have a heart attack or kill me if I were to come home with more. :) So I'll just knit or crochet some little blankies for the babies waiting to be adopted.... doesn't someone out there need a new puppy or kitty? :)

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Nichole said...

Thanks for the great post!!!!!! :)