Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Just look what I've done!

OMG! What have I done???? ha ha! Well, just take a look.... I've cleaned out the closet in the (junk) spare room & put one of my shelving units in there, that looks good huh? But......... just look at the MESS I made!

And that's only a small part of it! Goodness, I have no idea what got into me tonight, I must be crazy!!! Nothing but clean it all up now. It'll probably take me the rest of the month to get it all done! ha ha!!!

Anyone looking for some 100% wool for felting? he he! I've got just a little bit.... This bag is the one that my whole comforter set came in if that gives you any idea how big that is! hmmmm, I need to find some more containers of some sort for organizing. Off to Wallyworld this weekend I suppose. UGH! I did get something made last night though. Check this out, I did this tape measure for Mary. I sure hope she likes it, I haven't heard back from her yet.... :) Don't know that I'd do another one like this but it was fun to create it.


Robin said...

Would you like to come clean out my closet(s)??

Bubblesknits said...

HOLY COW! That's a lot of wool! LOL And here I thought I had a lot of Cascade 220. ;-p

That tape measure is awesome! I swear, I don't know how you do it, but it's really cool. :-)

vegasangelbrat said...

OH I LOVE it!!! That is awesome Anita!! Thank you so much for covering my tape measure..lol

Holy Cow..you need me to buy some of that yarn!! I have lots of slippers to make and felt..lol
Those closet thingies are great! Think Spring Cleaning hit ya, huh?

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...


You make so many cute things...now, how about a lobster tape measure??

KSee said...

I've got a bag of wool like that. I was only going to knit felted bags and then I learned to make socks! Now I can't knit bags until I finish the dozens I've felted up but no handles or lineing.
The tape measure is so cute.

Olga said...

Whoa nelly! Thats some kind of flash your stash! Did you think we were going to have a world wide shorage of wool or something?

Anonymous said...

Another darling tape measure...

Good luck with that organizing project. ;)

gypsyknits said...

Cleaning? Do you have the cleaning bug? If so, come on over.......I have some cleaning to be done! LOL
Nice looking wool you got there.
I'm off to clean......er.......knit:)