Monday, August 11, 2008

Game On!

The games have begun.... I've started on my Ravelympics projects & finally have enough progress to show you some photos. My WIP Wrestling projects I'm doing as part of Team Bob.

First project in the WIP Wrestling is my Green Vine Stitch Wrap, this is an old photo, I'm only one ball away from finishing this.

The second project in the WIP Wrestling are my fingerless gloves. This is a free pattern, Mitt Envy, Click the link & get yourself a copy. I love this pattern! Everyone says that "this pattern is a quick little knit" and most of them I've found really aren't that quick, but this one is. I knitted this one up in about 3 evenings total, just stretched out a while cause I got sidetracked. :) I'm sure some of you other faster knitters can whip one of these babies out in one sitting!

And finally, the project I'm doing with Team Costa Rica. My new project, Tidal Streams, the scarf version. It also comes with a shawl version. It looks a bit scrunched up at the moment, but this is going to be gorgeous after blocking!

I had a bit of trouble with this when I got started, nothing with the pattern, that's awesome, it was knitter error. I cast on for this Friday morning before going to work, after completing the edging & 1 of the pattern repeats I messed something up! And I just could not figure out how to fix it so frogged the whole darn thing Saturday afternoon! But it is coming along nicely this time, and I have enough done that I can see the nice pattern emerging now. :) This is a fairly easy lace pattern, nothing complicated in there, you just have to pay attention to what row you are on. I really need to make a sale or two on Etsy so I can head over to Nichole's shop & get one of her magnetic boards. That would come in super handy. :)

So, GAME ON! I'm on my way to the finish line!


Channon said...

Go Anita, Go! Love your Tidal... scarf. ;)

Nichole said...

I need to get my mojo flowing with my Ravelympics project... sigh.

Thanks for the shout out! :)

Bubblesknits said...

I'm trying to stay focused with my project, but honestly, it's so hot I don't want to fool with it. *sigh*

You're doing great! I can't wait to see that Tidal stretched out!

Grace Yaskovic said...

such beautiful knitting

gypsyknits said...

Go for the gold, girl!