Saturday, September 15, 2007

It's a small world...

Imagine my surprise! I joined the Dishcloth exchange, my first exchange, have met lots of wonderful ladies!!!

One of these wonderful ladies who lives in a different state than I do, bought a set or two of my stitch markers, and when showing them to a friend the friend said, Hey those look like a set I bought on vacation!! The friend contacted me and said, could it be that I bought your markers while on vacation?

Well, it sure was! I do I have a "normal day job" M-F, but work at my LYS on Saturdays just for fun & to make extra $ for yarn of course!!! The super-wonderful owner lets me sell my stitch markers in her store. After a few conversations and telling me about her visit to the YS on vacation we realized that she came in when I was working and we chatted, I showed her my awesome cable needles which you can by at Patternworks (, she bought her goodies which included a set of my markers, etc., etc.....

Just goes to show you what a small world it really is and you just never know when you will cross paths with a new friend and not even know it until later!! :)

Thanks to everyone who has left such wonderful comments on my blog!
You all have really made me feel welcome in this new world (the widespread internet knitting family) that I have joined.
Have a great evening!!!


Channon said...

I'm still laughing about the wonder of it all. And I ordered by cable needles!

Anne said...

It is, indeed a small world *grin* And I'm quite sure that I remember chan telling me about it too lol