Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New Goodies & New Job

It's Christmas in Sept.!!! At least that is what it felt like! I got lots of goodies in the mail today!

I received the soap that I ordered from Soapalooza.com..... can't wait to jump in the tub & soap up with this delicious smelling stuff!!

And I got my package from Elmore Pisgah... 12 balls of Peaches & Cream cotton yarn. 4 balls of "Flair", the darker purple/teal/pink; 4 balls of "Black Cherry", the black/white/pink, which I'm hoping to do some cloths, towels & whatever else I can get out of them for my own kitchen! And 4 balls of "Lilac Ombre". These cost me $2.68 a ball (that includes shipping), but I didn't have to go searching for the right color all over town and it was delivered right to my door 3 days after I ordered it!! (Direct from the Elmore Pisgah website). The AC Moore close to here has a huge selection of Sugar & Cream but it is a 45 min. highway drive from here, I usually make the trip only once a month. And they never seem to have everything I'm looking for!

Thankfully I can shop any time I want online!!! I can find anything I want too! :)

THE NEW JOB.... It isn't "new, new". I started Aug. 1st. But I really do like it, I am my own department, he he! Website store operator, shipping dept, graphics dept all in one! My boss leaves me alone to do my job & seems pleased to have me there. Very casual, get to wear shorts, Co. T-shirts & flip flops if I want. Hey, we are at the beach after all!! The view is awesome but it is probably a good thing that my office is in a cubby hole with no windows!! I wouldn't get anything done otherwise! :) I do enjoy driving across the bridge every morning getting to see the sun coming up over the ocean & waterway. I also don't have to stay holed up in my office all day, so I do get out & get to breathe the fresh salty air & get some wind in my hair. (looks great by the end of the day BTW! That is meant as a smart ass comment.) I have sooooo much less stress here than at my previous job, I need to slow down a little, I tend to run circles around everyone here!! Anyway, I'm enjoying the change & that was a bit scary at first after doing the same thing for so many years....


KSee said...

There is nothing better than getting up and go to a job you like. Love the view.

Channon said...

We should all be so lucky. I suppose I am, when I step back and think about it. I work across the road from part of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's land holdings, originally part of Monticello. My bosses - my inlaws - are good people, and my mother inlaw goes out of her way to accomodate me, including lunchtime runs to the yarn shop!

Have a great weekend.

Dipsy said...

Oh, that's such a lot of goodies that you have there - I especially love the yarn of course, it looks super awesome in these colorways! I can't wait to see how it looks knit up!
And your job - wow, it sounds like the perfect job indeed! I mean, not having a boss around you all the time, being able to wear something casual and you even enjoy the way to work every day - now, can it get any better?! Congrats!