Wednesday, December 12, 2007

50% DONE!

I have a sock!!! A pretty RED sock! FINALLY!!!! Well, after frogging back on the heel of this thing 3 times I finally got the pattern adjusted for my foot & got one of them completed!! It wouldn't have been a difficult pattern if I had "went by the pattern." But no, I had to make knee socks, so I had to start with the larger sock pattern with size 4 needles, go to size 3 needles, then to size 2 needles, finagle a decrease at the ankle in the back, then switch to the smaller pattern for the foot. I made a really simple cabled sock pattern difficult, but I think it came out really nice, I'm happy with it anyway! And since it is MY sock, that is all that matters. Of course the Hubby said it was the most beautiful sock he has ever seen.... sweet isn't he? He humors me. :) Not to worry, I wrote all of my changes down so the 2nd sock should go smoothly.... Here are a couple of photos, I will try to get better ones this weekend in the daylight, I just couldn't wait to show it off though!!


Channon said...

Oh my. That *IS* gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT! Yes, I do... it looks awesome!

Hey, did you get my email from a few days ago? I'm not sure you received it. Let me know!

Super Duper ;)

Anne said...

OOh wooohooo! Yay for you! And that is some sock too - I'd never even attempt one that tall. It looks great though!