Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lemons or Lemonade...

We now have lemon tape measures! Although I don't think we'll be making lemonade, just some tart measuring going on. :PAnd we have a Christmas tree!! I'll have to take a photo after we get all the decorations on. Levi (stepson) came in for the weekend, we got some outside decorations up, the tree with lights on and a few scattered ornaments before the hubby & I ran out of energy.... that seems to happen a lot these days! ha ha! Looking a little like the holidays around here now.... maybe that will get me in the mood to do a little shopping. Ugh, I hate shopping!! Well, not all shopping, I love shopping for yarn & knitting gadgets. But you know what, not a single person on my family Christmas list wants any of that good stuff, what's wrong with these people?!!! :)

And I'd like to send a little "Thank You" to all of my knitting blog buddies for being such good friends & supporting my etsy store.... you guys are all awesome!!

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GeorgeAnne said...

Your tape measures are AWESOME!!! I'm going to have to get a "BUNCH" for all my ladies in the knitting group!!