Sunday, December 9, 2007

Early Christmas Presents!!

Well, I braved the mobs & went Christmas shopping on Saturday.... no fun there! I ended up with a migrane for my troubles... UGH!

But I did have one good thing happen Saturday, I got my package from Jessi. In the package was some really super cute Frosty Foofoo Drink Stitch Markers, a pretty PURPLE (my fav) row counter bracelet (I'm sure that will get lots of use as just a bracelet, just handy that I can count knitting rows on it too!), a few Christmasy sticky note pads, & a hilarious Grumpy Party Pooper Sheep!! SNOL!!!!!! I can't wait to load him up with poopy!! hehe! Thanks so much Jessi!

Everyone can get some of the cutest stitch markers & row counter bracelets at Jessi's etsy store, go give it a looksie. :)


Channon said...

Too cute! Where did you find him!?

Bubblesknits said...

To answer Chan: Michael's and Books A Million have them. I couldn't resist getting some for my knitting buds. BTW, Chan, no buying one for yourself. (hint, hint) LOL

I'm so glad you liked your package! :-)

Wendy said...

Very cute package. Love the purple counter braclet.