Wednesday, December 19, 2007

No luck fishing but still a good day!

Well, we didn't have any luck fishing for tuna today.... but it was still a good day, the weather while a bit chilly was very pretty and the ocean was like glass most of the day. I learned a lot, he showed me how to rig the baits and put it out behind the boat properly, etc... he is very patient, let me do everything myself after he showed me how. He is great with kids, taking them fishing, I see why now. And the best part is that I didn't have to go to work!! Back to that tomorrow... :)

The boss said that he would take me again sometime after Christmas and we'll try for those tuna's again. (I work for a fishing charter/fishing store for those of you who don't know what I really do. I am the web store operator & graphic designer) I think he was pretty disappointed that we didn't catch anything, it would have been my very first tuna. I did get a little wind burn on my face, feels funny to have something similar to sunburn the week before Christmas!

And we did see a lot, and I mean like hundreds, of bottlenose & spotted dolphins today!! They are so pretty to see up close like that. I could almost reach over the side of the boat & touch them. I have seen some before when out fishing but never so many, they were everywhere today. They love chasing the boats and swimming with them. They are too smart to go after our bait so that is good. Of course I forgot my camera so I didn't get any photos of them!! Hey, give me a break, I was up at 4am and on the boat heading out by 5:30am, that is a good excuse for forgetting something!! haha!

If anyone brings one of those huge tunas in to the dock where I work in the next couple of weeks I'll be sure to post some photos.

Even though we didn't catch anything it was a wonderful day on the ocean & much better than any office Christmas party!! I know how much it costs to take one of those boats out fishing, plus the bait, rigs, etc... It was very, VERY, generous of the boss to do that for me. :)


chanknits said...

Still sounds like a great day! I'd be jealous if I didn't have two great dogs snoring on the sofa with me...

uberstrickenfrau said...

I would of loved to see the dolphins, sounds so awesome.