Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Acceptance Speech

I never even knew that I was in the running but Uberstrickenfrau gave me an award!! Well, I had a little trouble coming up with an acceptance speech so I googled it and got a little help.... he he Here we go.... and for those of you who may stumble upon my blog by accident, this is a joke, my sense of humor can be quirky at times.....

Thank you! Oh! Thank you! I can hardly conjugate verbs! I feel so lucky! *sniff, sniff* And this award - it's so shiny & bright! Oh, thank you again! I just want everyone to bow down before me and accept that even in my wildest hallucinations, I never would have fantasized that this could ever happen to me.

And to the other second-rate nominees, I want each of you to know how totally vindicated your crushing defeat makes me feel right now!

You know, there are so many "little people" to thank! First off though, I want to thank the senile old bat herself, who looked deep within her Magic 8-Ball before giving me this fantastic award! Also, I want to thank my guru, for being such a powerful force in my kitchen. (???What???) And to People Under the Stairs, who taught me to take life by the fifth of bourbon. And finally, to all the personal assistants I fired - I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you America, and good night!

Well, really I just want to thank Olga.... it has been such fun to read your blog!! I could never compete with your deliriousness, oops I meant hilariousness!! I want to be you when I grow up!! I'm so glad that somehow I stumbled upon your blog one day!!

So, everyone that hasn't gone on over and checked out the Uberstrickenfrau blog, you are really missing out!!

Now, for the 10 that I'm going to nominate for the You Make My Day Award.... I'm going to go the easy route and nominate everyone in my blogroll on the right (scroll down to the Places I Go section).... so if you see your link there, your IT! :D I love to stalk others blogs, some I comment on regularly and others I just like to nose around. But sooner or later you'll get a comment from me, I'm just too "commenty" not to! Some of you already know each other, but if there is a new one there that you haven't seen or visited before go give them a looksie, I think all of them are interesting in their own way. :)


Olga said...

awww- I'm all aklemped!!! Thanks for the sweet words like old bat and hag and... yeah. Flattered.
Anyhoo- I love all my internet friends, its a pretty awesome place to hang out! Cheers!

mommieofdrew said...

what am I nominated for???