Friday, January 18, 2008

Just sharing...

Since I have no knitting content at the moment I thought I'd share my entry into Jessi's blogiversarry contest.....

For my favorite pattern I chose the Dream in Color Shrug. I haven't knit this yet but I have been wanting to, been eyeballing that pattern for a while! OO
You can get the pattern & the yarn at the Knitter's Palette here:

I love the peach color too!!! I haven't tried the Dream In Color yarn either but it looks so soft & the colors are so wonderful!! If anyone out there has tried it let me know how you liked it.
As for my favorite yarn.... that is a tough one, there are sooooo many to love!!! :) My fav at the moment has to be the Scandalous yarn that I got from Jessi just recently!
Hopefully I will have some "real" knitting content soon. After being sick & then my trip to Atlanta I have found that I just can't get into my red sock. But I'm afraid if I start on another project I won't ever get that 2nd sock done!! I am the UFO queen ya know! *snicker*

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chanknits said...

I did that pattern with some of Amanda's yarn early in the fall. I loved the pattern, loved the yarn, and love wearing my shrug.

I have some DC sock yarn, and it FEELS wonderful, but I haven't knitted with it yet.