Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Positively Scandalous!

Just look at this wonderful yarn that arrived today from Jessi!! It's pink & black, much prettier than the photo turned out. It's called "Scandalous", got it from Jessi's etsy shop, Alabama Fiber Dreams. She has some others, I left a few for everyone else, didn't want to get greedy!! :) And she included a pretty little flower bead sock stitch marker. Thanks Jessi, I love it!!! Of course the hubby said I should make a bikini out of it instead of socks, what a goof!! ha ha

And I finished a dishcloth, turned out nice I think, I like the half & half look. I needed a fast project so I'd feel like I have accomplished something other than just buying yarn!! ha ha!

Heading to Atlanta tomorrow for a trade show for work.... I'll be back sometime Monday & check in with everyone. My plane leaves at 6am!!! Ugh, I have to get up really early, not looking forward to that! I will be taking a knitting project along to pass time time in flight though. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


mommieofdrew said...

I have a pattern for a bikini in case you want

Bubblesknits said...

I'm sooo with the hubby. I wanna see a "Scandalous" bikini! LOL

KSee said...

lovin the colors. Lokking forward to see how it knits up

Anne said...

Ooh very cute! And dang it ya should have gotten a number from me - we could have at least had lunch while you were here! Jessi's yarn is gorgeous, and no wonder I couldn't find that one the other day!

chanknits said...

Another vote for the bikini! ;)

Can't wait to hear about your trip. Aren't you back already!?