Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meme Meme

I saw this over at Chan's blog and she told everyone to join in so I thought I would. I'll even include some of those rare photos of me!! I hope I don't regret that, I'm one of those paranoid people who doesn't like to post photos on the Internet.... The Meme is easy enough; just list 10 things you’ve done that are rather unique, or that not everyone else is apt to have done.

1. I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard when I was 17.

2. I jumped off the flight deck of my ship into the ocean off of Cuba, a Coastie's idea of "fun".
3. I received the Sharpshooter Ribbon for the 9mm pistol and the Expert Medal for the M-16 while in the USCG. My hubby & step-son still won't let me go to a Turkey Shoot.... they are afraid I'd show them up I think!! ha ha!
4. Some girlfriends & I won a deep sea fishing tournament!

5. I won my division in the Herrschners afghan contest.


6. I accidentally brought a puppy back to life one time!! She was only about 2 weeks old and I swear that she died! Went limp, no heartbeat, no breath.... I laid her in my lap and was crying and just rubbing her little chest thinking how sad the whole situation was.... then all of a sudden she started squirming and WOW! she was back!! I guess the rubbing on her chest got her heart going again!!

7. I built my own remote control air plane. I even put a pilot in there, barbie sacrificed the lower half of her body to be my pilot! ha ha!

8. I can fly my own remote control air plane.... my hubby still has to take off & land for me but I can fly it once it is up there!!

9. I went on the Canopy Tour cable thing while on vacation in Costa Rica.

10. I walked up those damned stairs in Atlanta TWICE!! ha ha!

On to another quick subject....
First... Blogger is ticking me off!!! Do you see what it is doing to my formatting?? My photos & text are all wonky!!! UGH!!!! You guys on Wordpress, is it this aggravating to add photos to your text and have it look right?
Second.... I saw that my Secret Dishcloth Swap Pal commented...ooooh, I'm getting excited now!! I just love this swap!! :)


Amy said...

You built your own remote control plane? That is SO awesome!

Bubblesknits said...

Look at all those cool things you did!

chanknits said...

You jumped off of a SHIP? That's impressive. Heck, your whole list is impressive!

And for the record, I find Wordpress much easier to use. ;)

Olga said...

Duuuuude- when the zombies attack I'm so hanging with you, you can pick them off! And then load us up on your remote control planes to fly us to safety!!!!