Monday, September 15, 2008

Just not enough time!

Today I had a real treat! I got to meet my blog buddy Robin!! Robin & her DH are on vacation down here in my neck of the woods. Unfortunately I forgot it was Monday & we didn't get a chance to go to the new knitting shop we had planned on going to. :(

It was wonderful to get to meet her in person, & I had a great time chatting about everything under the sun! I took my little spinning wheel with me & we did spin just a little but then got to chatting again, it's hard to chat & spin at the same time! LOL At least for this new spinner. She did show me how to Navajo ply, that was a special treat for me, she made it look so easy! I get the concept now that I've seen it done in person, I'll have to give that a try once I get all of my green fiber spun up into singles. And Robin brought me a little gift of some VERY pretty spinning fiber! I'll get a good photo in the daylight soon....
I couldn't believe it when 5 1/2 hours passed, it went so quick! Too quick! I would have loved to spend the whole day with her. And they were so nice even when I couldn't shut up & made them super late in eating their dinner!
Hopefully we can get together again in the near future where I'll have more time to spend with her. They will be here all week, but their vacation happened to fall the same week that I'm headed up to VA to meet up with Chan on Thursday, then on to PA to meet up with Michelle & Amanda on Friday for the Knitters Day Out weekend.
The funny thing is, I NEVER go anywhere! I'm always here! The one time I actually make plans to go somewhere for a long weekend with the girls (this is probably the first time in 13 years!), I have another friend headed my way. UGH! And unfortunately I have to work every day up to Thursday, got to have money for that expensive gas for my trip, the prices were just starting to get reasonable when the storm came in the gulf & made the prices shoot up again. That figures!!
Hope everyone has a great week! I need to go start packing now... SNOL


Firefly Nights said...

Hope you and Chan have a great time on your trip. Also glad you met Robin. I haven't met her yet but hope to see her at a spinning event sometime soon.

Channon said...

Great photo! You'll just have to come back up here for a week and we'll go visit Kathy and Robin and...

vegasangelbrat said...

Sounds like yo had a blast! I do hope you enjoy your trip up to Chans and make sure you all take pictures..I really wish I could've mad ethat work, but I'm too dang far

Bubblesknits said...

Gosh! Everybody has the beautiful blog layouts! Your site looks wonderful!

It's so neat when we get to meet each other in person. I wish I could be there this weekend!

Robin said... have the title right! There's NEVER enough time! I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and hope that we can do it again SOON! (knitting/spinning retreat..knitting/spinning retreat...repeat)
I hope you have a great time this weekend, can't wait to read about it, I'll get my post up very soon...promise!