Sunday, September 28, 2008

Secret Meme

Skip this post if you’re not up for a challenge. Seriously!! Because if you see your name below and leave me a comment asking why, you’ve bought your way into this secret meme. Consider yourself warned and STOP READING HERE!!!!! Otherwise it won't be my fault when you want me to send you the questions.
You KNOW this means you have to do it NOW, right???Well I found my name as an answer on Chans post. I am rather curious and had to find out what the question was. I really think this is how they suck you into Now I have to do the here are my answers....

1. ?
2. Beth
3. Mae
4. Nichole
5. Chan LOL
6. Me
7. Jessi
8. Chan
9. Kathy
10. Michelle
11. ?
12. Robin
13. Wendy
14. Monica
15. ?
16. Grace
17. My Sister
18. Jasmine
19. KSee
20. Kathy
21. Kevin
22. Sissy
23. Brant
24. I'm not telling! :)
25. ?
26. ?
27. Mary
28. ?
29. Keanu Reeves
30. All in fun!


Bubblesknits said...

Still resisting. I shall be strong! lol

Channon said...

LOL... I'd be insulted if it wasn't true!

Monica said...

Aw! I take it as a compliment! (already been roped into this one by Chan... just working on my answers)

KSee said...

Oh, I hate secrets...but dying to know what the question was that put my name in your!