Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Instructions on Row Counter Bracelet

For those who are puzzled by the row counter bracelet... here are the instruction that came with mine:

Each row counter bracelet comes with 2 different color beads to represent a count of 1 & the other a count of 10. For these instructions, a count of 1 will be bead "A" & a count of 10 will be bead "B". There is also a large focal bead at the end of the bracelet that holds both wires together, this will be called the "stable bead".

As you complete a row, slide a bead "A" through the elastic holder towards the "stable bead". When you complete 10 rows, move all "A" beads back through the elastic holder away from the "stable bead" & move a bead "B" towards the "stable bead" to represent a count of 10 rows.

As you continue knitting, the "A" beads will continue moving towards the "stable bead" until another count of 10 is reached & then another "B" bead will be moved through to the "stable bead". Using the row counter, you will be able to count up to 99 rows.

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mommieofdrew said...

I had something like that for weight watchers..but it was a points counter