Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On the home-stretch now!

Progress!! Won't be long now before this one is finished since I have teeny tiny feet!! Not too crazy about how the heel turned out with the yarn but I'm sure it will grow on me... it feels wonderful on my footsie!

Oh, & check out my new sock project bag!! Well, they put it in the wrong section, it was with overnight bags for your makeup, toothpaste, etc... I'm sure this was a mistake... It should have been in the craft section with the yarn, it works GREAT for small projects! It came with 2 small zipper pouches, I'm sure they were made to carry stitch markers, tape measure, small sizors, etc... lots of little pockets on the inside, plus it has a plastic basket with handles that comes out!! It is just great!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice bag! You know, I'm waiting till the very last minute to mail your package for the dishcloth swap! ;) No, seriously.. I'm not done shopping for you yet... soon... soon... :)

- Your SSDC pal