Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oops! I got in trouble!!!

Ok, so I got my invite to Ravelry, put in some basic info, then.... nothing. I have no excuses, just laziness!

Well, I didn't think anyone was paying attention!!!! That darn SDSDP (Super Duper Secret Dishcloth Pal) of mine, sneaky thing she is!! She has been checking up on me & noticed that I have put nothing on my Ravelry site.... well fine then!!!! :P

Soooo, I went and put 1 project in, plugged a few of my blog friends in, put in a few yarn stashes (it would take me 5 years to put it all in there!! ha ha), & even put my photo in there, which I don't usually do, I like being a woman of mystery. Snicker

Well guys go check me out on Ravelry! My name is Yarndemon on there of course, big surprise there huh?! I'll try to do better & get some stuff logged in..... at least I have ONE project in there now!! :)

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