Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Package #1 has arrived!

I received my first swap package!!! I was sooooo delighted!! I came home from a rigorous day of T-shirt duty (tagging & labeling for sell, you wouldn't believe how many T's we sell, it is amazing!!), my feet are killing me from standing all day... I drive up to the house and see a box on my front porch, delivered by my overworked (because of me & all of my ordering & sending) but wonderful mail lady. I fumble for my keys, finally get inside with the package from Kris (stitch marker exchange partner).

Inside were these lovely items: A card from Kris, really impressive Halloween stitch markers in a cute Happy Halloween bag, Mary Engelbreit trinket box that will hold many more markers, a candy bar (that won't last long!!), sticky notes, a lighthouse calendar, Peaches & Cream yarn, Halloween decorations, a fall hot pad mit, and last but not least a beautiful hand knit washcloth!!
Isn't she great!!!!???!!!! Thanks bunches Kris!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I followed the Dishcloth FIA links and found you! Your posts are always a blast to read. And I've tagged you because I want my fellow CA see just how cool they are! Have a great day!

Channon said...

The bees are just darling, and I'm so glad you got a great swap package!