Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Signature Needles

While flipping through my new Vogue Knitting magazine my eye was caught by an ad with some beautiful knitting needles on it.... well, I just had to log on to their website to check these beauties out! They are Signature Needles, I MUST have some!!!! If you are like me and love metal needles you are going to be a stunned as I was!!! I was speechless I tell you, these are the greatest things since sliced bread! Well, they appear to be anyway, I haven't actually used them yet... but I'm going to!!!!!! Just watch me go and place an order!! I don't care about that "no self-control" issue, I'm going over there right now and get myself a pair or two or three or four..... no, probably just one for now. :)

Here is a little blurb I got from their website, just imagine the possibilities!!!!

Customized Knitting Needles - Signature Needle Arts offers precision crafted knitting needles sold exclusively online with three custom elements for the knitter to select from when designing their needles. A knitter can choose a length, a point profile, and a beautiful end cap.

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